Support for refugees in Ukraine

Conditions for entry in Romania

Biometric passports allow for entry in Romania without a visa for a period of 90 days in an interval of 180 days previous to each stay. National passports alongside available visas with two or more entries or stay permits issued by other EU member countries, the EEA or the Switzerland are accepted for transit or for a 90 day stay, in an interval of 180 days previous to each stay. National passports with an entry visa/low traffic permit/available permit of stay issued by Romanian authorities also allow for entry with respect to their availability and the right to stay included in those documents.

For those who seek asylum in Romania, the entry can be made using other types of identity documents (national ID, birth certificate etc.) or using their declared identity, without a proving document, for humanitarian reasons. These people can solicit assylum, in Romania directly at the border by filling a form which has to be personally submitted. All of these apply to all Ukrainian men who can legally leave Ukraine.

In regards to minors, all children coming from Ukraine are allowed to entry Romania. However, it is recommended that they have an ID or a birth certificate. They can enter Romania accompanied by both of their parents, by one parent (without the written consent of the other parent) and unaccompanied.

Regarding the entry in Romania with pets, the competent national authority (A.N.S.V.S.A) has decided for a temporary derogation from the observation of specific rules regarding the entry of pets from Ukraine. If the animal is not vaccinated against rabies (or if the vaccination validity period has expired) or if the animal does not have a microchip/identification tattoo, then the owner must fill a Pet Localization Form and will be able to complete the other necessary formalities after their entry in Romania. You can find more information at . Before continuing the way to another EU country, it is necessary that all formalities for obtaining the pet’s documents are completed.