Support for refugees in Ukraine

Facilities for the refugees from Ukraine

As an effect of the temporary protection mechanism introduced by the European Comission for the refugees from Ukraine, also applicable in Romania, the temporary protection last for one year. There exists a possibility to extend this protection with periods of 6 months, adding up to a maximum of one year.

The temporary protection mechanism allows for the acces of non-EU refugees (Ukrainian citizens or citizens of other countries that were on Ukrainian territory for various reasons) for a limited period. The recipients of the temporary protection benefit of rights such as: necessary assistance for living, in case they don’t posses the necessary means, medical emergency assistance and free medical assistance for any case of acute or chronic diseases that are an imminent threat to life. Unaccompanied minors also benefit of protection through the Operative Group for Unaccompanied Children.

Citizens that enter Romania legally from Ukraine benefit of a legal stay of 90 days. Ukrainian citizens that have legally entered Romanian territory that do not solicit any form of protection can ne employed without employment approval. These people may solicit the extension of their stay for successive periods of 1 year, in case the conditions that the initial right to stay were based continue to exist.

Referring to the facilities offered to people being in this situation, the list includes accommodation possibilities, social assistance for those that want to establish in Romania (state allowance for children, social assistance, allowance for family support), medical assistance and adequate treatment for emergency situations.

Regarding education facilities for children, all children from Ukraine on Romanian territory (including those who do not solicit protection) have access to education in Romanian units in the same conditions as Romanian children. In Romania, they will benefit of free accomodation in school campuses, food allowance, the right for proper equipment (school necessities, clothes, shoes, textbooks). Also, they have the right to a health evaluation in the educational units. In case they are not vaccinated, they may benefit of vaccination according to the National Vaccination Programme, coordinated by the Romanian Ministry of Health.

In regards of the elder refugees or those who have disabilities that opt to stay in Romania, there is the possibility to benefit (by request) of social protection services according to Romanian law: sheltered housing, centers for independent life preparation, centers for empowerment and rehabilitation, centers for nursing and assistance.