Support for refugees in Ukraine


For a safe stay, once on Romanian territory, refugees should know the location where they will be accommodated and the contact data of the person or organization that will manage them. It is recommended that these data are also disclosed to a trustworthy person.

In case anyone asks them to work, beg or offer any other services against their will in exchange for the help they benefit of, this situation consists in a criminal offence. Those who face this situation or fear the risk of being in this situation have been allocated a special phone number (Anti-trafficking Helpline> 0800800678).

Refugees must know that no one is allowed to retain their identification documents excepting the police.

Also, refugees must be cautious regarding sexual exploitation and abuse. Sexual abuse represents any activity or threat linked to it using force or inappropriate or coercive conditions. Sexual exploitation represents any real abuse or attempt to place a person in a vulnerable position (unbalanced power) in sexual purposes.

If you are a victim of abuse or know about a situation of abuse, please report it to Romanian authorities.